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My name is Tim Temple. In 2009 I retired from pastoral ministry after 40 years of service. I served in two independent Bible Churches, first in Grace Church in Wichita Falls Texas from June of 1968 through August of 1978. I then pastored Abilene Bible Church in Abilene Texas from September 1978 through May of 2009. My pulpit ministry was focused on verse by verse exposition of scripture. I am a graduate of Bob Jones University (B.A.in Religion 1966) and Dallas Theological Seminary (MA in Biblical Studies 1979).  I have been married to Janice for 48 years as of January 2015. We have three grown children (two daughters and a son) and seven grandchildren. I have served on the Board of Directors of Bible Memory Association, El Camino Real (formerly CAM International), Gospel Workshop for Children, and “Walk to Emmaus of the Big Country.” I have also been a 30 year member and Paul Harris Fellow of Rotary International. I have also been involved in Kairos Prison Ministry since 1995. In each of my Pastorates I have had the experience of leading capital campaigns and construction of new church facilities. By the grace of God I am also a 15 year survivor of Stage 3 Colon Cancer. I am listing all of this information not to draw undue attention to myself, but to give you an idea of the kinds of things that have shaped my ministry and my preaching.

These Commentaries are based on the detailed sermon notes of  messages delivered in my two pastorates, as well as Bible Conferences, Missions Conferences and State and local Gideons Conventions. I have deliberately refrained from presenting the full text of these sermons, hoping that they will serve as a “starting point” for pulpit ministries from which pastors or Adult Sunday School Class teachers may develop a more detailed presentation of their own. You can communicate with me at janicetemple@yahoo.com

6 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Greetings and salutations dear brother:
    Have missed you and Janice. Found this wonderful site and am amazed how God works—I will begin to teach the gospel of John in late May/early June. As always, your teaching is phenominal! Wonder if you have this study in a concise complete form? Your brother in Christ Lonnie Wright


    • Hi Lonnie! Thanks for getting in touch! Hearing from you brings back many pleasant memories. These sermons are actually my sermon outlines in sentence form, so they turn out to be a kind of “condensed” form. Shorter than the actual sermons, but containing all of the original material. Often when I was preaching I would think of something that was not in my notes, but I thought it would help explain the passage, and I would add that into what I was saying, so these that I am posting are shorter than the actual sermon that I preached, but they do contain all of the major points of the sermon. You asked about the series in complete form. I am pretty sure that Living Bible Studies mailed those out to the mailing list some time ago and I think they are all available on the Living Bible Studies Website. Hope that answers your questions. Please feel free to contact me again whenever you want to. Thanks again for getting in touch.

      You may or may not know that my complete series on the Gospel of John was mailed out to the mailing list several years ago, and I think they are available in a printer friendly format on the Living Bible Studies website. That series contains every lesson that I taught in that series.


  2. Tim,
    You may not remember us, but Max and Sharon Hudson came under the teaching of the Word at Grace Church in 1972! We have never forgotten you and Janice and the ministry you had with us. From the point of hearing the Word, the Lord Jesus has never let go of us and we have never tried to let go of Him.
    After Grace Church we moved to West Virginia and lived there from 1977 until 2016 when we moved to Myrtle Beach, SC, to keep from being cold. 🙂 We love it here and know the Lord brought us here.
    Our Lord has been there for us even through horrible situations, like the loss of our younger son, Nathaniel. Our firstborn, Jeremy, has strayed far from Christ. These things are hard.
    We both have been teaching Bible studies for many, many years, and it is the joy of our lives to help others learn more of Christ. I, Sharon, have been on mission to China with ELIC these past five summers and will go again in June to share my life and hope with Chinese teachers.
    Anyways, I want you to know your faithfulness to teach the Word has changed lives, and we are thankful to the Lord for you. Please know how much you and Janice have meant to us.
    We remember you with love,


  3. Hi, Tim. My son,Scott, and my mother, Doris Russell, and I met you and your children at BMA Camp when your younger girl was about 6. I heard your Dad’s talk on BBN Building Blocks for the Family this week and enjoyed listening to him again. My son went to RTS Orlando after college then earned a Ph D at Princeton in Old Testament. His family and I now live near COVENANT COLLEGE where he has taught about 10 years. His children are 14, 11, and 8. I have missed BMA Camp tremendously since it closed. My 8 yr old rides the bus to my house after school every day. We study verses and also Christian biographies. I never met your wife but may the Lord richly bless you both. Carol Russell


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