These commentaries are based on sermon notes developed over my 40+ year ministry as a pastor-teacher. They are not intended to be on an academic level, neither do I claim that these ideas and comments are entirely my own. I am indebted to many authors and Bible Teachers in my preparations. My  practice has been to outline the subject or text that I am dealing with and then fill in the points of the outline with details from my own inductive observations as well as the teaching of others. In the hustle and bustle of a pastor’s work of preparing one, and, in earlier times, two sermons a week along with the customary responsibilities of pastoral work there has been little time for footnotes and record keeping of sources of every point. Neither did I realize in the early years of my ministry that years later I might publish these sermons in some form. Major sources of my usual research have been the best stand-alone commentary I could find for the particular study I was working on, along with notes from my courses at  Dallas Theological Seminary, as well as a lifetime of sitting under the expository teaching  ministry of my Dad, Dr. Joe Temple. In the 1960’s into the  2000’s I have been influenced by the “tape ministries” and printed sermons and later the radio ministries and books of Chuck Swindoll, John McArthur, David Jeremiah, Bob Thieme,  S. Lewis Johnson, Bill McCrae,Ray Steadman, and others too numerous to mention. My “pastoral commentaries” are not copyrighted. In fact, it is my hope that these commentaries will be used by some who do not have financial means to purchase material such as this. Another source for my expository teachings, as well as my Dad’s is www.Living Bible

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